Zero Separation

Zero Separation

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Donovan Nash is a man under siege, and this time ita€™s personal. Eco-Watch, the premier scientific research organization he founded, is being blamed for a series of violent eco-atrocities that ignite protests around the world. Behind the attacks is Garrick Pearce, a man from Donovana€™s past, who is bent on a ruthless vendetta. Garrick has promised that after he annihilates Eco-Watch, hea€™ll murder everyone close to Nash. Recoiling from the damage, Donovan enlists the help of Erica, a woman who claims she has information Donovan needs, but her knowledge makes her a marked woman. Running from trained killers, the FBI and even his own organization, Donovan races from southern California to British Columbia, then finally to Alaska where he joins Eco-Watch personnel and desperately tries to stop what promises to be the worst eco-atrocity in history. With his world in tatters and everything he built seemingly destroyed, Donovan is forced to take one last desperate gamble to stop Garrick and silence the man forevera€”a roll of the dice that may very well cost Nash his life.Donovan Nash is a man under siege, and this time ita€™s personal.

Title:Zero Separation
Author:Philip Donlay
Publisher:Oceanview Publishing - 2013-03-05


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