Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze

Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze

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Zephrum Gates and The Mysterious Purple Haze is a coming of age story of a tom-boyish girl, named Zephrum. Zephrum has some powerful abilities that were bestowed upon her at a very young age. Learning to work with her innate and unusual aptitudes is part of her challenge and part of what also makes her so special. Zephrum has had an unusual upbringing with her Great Aunt Gussie, who is a bit of a loon. In fact, there are a number of unusual adults in her life. Her adult side-kick, Dexter Droudy, gets her into trouble without even trying. Magical creatures also enter Zephrum's life with greater frequency as she gets closer and closer to discovering who she really is. Zephrum is a core player in uncovering the mystery of the qpurple hazeq that has enveloped her closest town, Haversville. Following clues to uncovering the mystery, Zephrum encounters spiritual beings, strange wind phenomena, fairies, moss folk, goblins, a leprechaun, a very wild horse ride, and the very scary man behind the chair. As she gets closer to solving the mystery of the qpurple hazeq, a variety of hidden talents reveal themselves to her. The most important thing that she discovers in the midst of all of her challenges is that being herself is the best gift she can give to the world. It is also the thing that helps save her and all of her friends from the looming presence of the qpurple haze.q This book is filled with wild characters, strange situations, funny dialogue, and a deep message for us all.With mad slanted eyes, the goblin sent a harsh look at Dexter as he said, a€œWater? ... Nervously, Dexter repeated, a€œUm, yes. ... In another corner of the space, next to a yellowing stack of newspapers, an old ringer washer and a utility sink satanbsp;...

Title:Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze
Author:Tricia Riel
Publisher:Author House - 2008-04-14


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