Youth Ministry from the Outside In

Youth Ministry from the Outside In

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We tend to organize our youth ministry from the inside out. We give gathered groups of individual youth tools and teaching to form their souls around a Christian identity. So far, so good. But what if our identity is not merely or even primarily rooted and established somewhere inside ourselves? What if our identity is shaped and cultivated in the relationships we inhabita€”each with their own distinctives and demandsa€”and in the overlapping stories we find ourselves in? Prefabricated approaches to ministry that focus on the interior makeup of our youth may make for good youth group members, but these limited approaches don't reach beyond the youth room into other corners of their lives. Rather than centering them on the faith, our inside-out approach may be pushing their faith to the margins of their life. Brandon McKoy mines the insights of social construction theory to help us locate Christ not in our hearts but in our midst. We learn to embrace him as our own and our students as whole people engaging in a life's worth of encounters. Approaching youth ministry from the outside in, we discover our students in a whole new lighta€”and with them, the fullness of our faith.If he would have believed this hypothetical proverb, he would have told his story with pessimism and fear Forrest Gump abounds with stories and causal connections that delight watchers with its own brand of a€œchocolatesa€: themes of surprise, anbsp;...

Title:Youth Ministry from the Outside In
Author:Brandon K. McKoy
Publisher:InterVarsity Press - 2013-09-13


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