Your Guide to Health: Menopause

Your Guide to Health: Menopause

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Tired of those inconvenient hot flashes? Wish you could control constant mood swings? Curious about HRT and alternative treatments? Providing you with the information you'll need to understand and cope with your symptoms, Your Guide to Health - Menopause will help you decide on the best treatment for you. Written by a health care expert with a technical review by a leading gynecologist, Your Guide to Health a€“ Menopause, completely updated and revised, is chock full of new information on: Hormone therapies, hormone replacement, and hormone delivery systems Ways to address abnormal bleeding, hysterectomy, and removal of ovaries Methods of coping with related health issues like decreased libido and depression Up-to-date information on menopause and osteoporosis Treatment options such as exercises emphasizing qcoreq routines like Pilates Medicare, insurance/pharmaceutical plans, and more. With this authoritative guide, you can live your life to the fullest-before, during, and throughout menopause.Ancient Romans used this practice to help them memorize long speeches, lists of objects, city names, and so on. ... If you are driving and want to remember to run an errand or call the plumber, think of something that represents that task with something unavoidable. ... to your cell phone or using voicemail in a new job, you can follow these five steps: Preview, or skim the text of the instruction manual.

Title:Your Guide to Health: Menopause
Author:Kate Bracy
Publisher:Everything Books - 2008-12-18


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