You Had Me At Goodbye

You Had Me At Goodbye

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I'll Just Hold My Breath, Fancy Pants. . . Oh no. This is so not happening. Her whole life Kat Taylor has been reaching for the brass ring and coming away with nothing but sore knuckles. Not this time. Her flighty Aunt Lila gave her a charming house on Martha's Vineyard for the summer, and now some arrogant, amused, and, okay, surprisingly hunky, British author named Lawrence Kendall says he has a claim to the same cottage! If he thinks that just because he's suave and good-looking and. . .and. . .has that hairy chest and great accent that he can woo her into leaving, well, he can die trying. . . Fine, You Bloody Well Do That, Irrational Woman. . . Kat Taylor may be strange--and rather bewitching--in her foot-stamping protestations, but she is not getting the house. It was granted to Lawrence first and that is that. So. There we are. Very sorry, nice to meet you, have a lovely summer--somewhere else. The last thing Lawrence needs to add to his writer's block is some woman skulking about the house, humming, looking distractingly attractive. Bloody hell. She's not budging. Right. Perhaps the only thing to do is make a temporary peace and ignore each other. . .for two months. Right. Should be no trouble at all. . . Jane Blackwood began her career as a journalist, a line of work which proved life doesn't always have a happy ending. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, Jane, after twelve years working as a reporter, switched careers and now lives in a world where happy endings are not only possible, they are mandatory. It's a much nicer place to be. Jane lives in New England with her husband, three children and their much-loved one-eyed cat. Jane loves to hear from readers.Jane Blackwood. a€œWindward, a€ Roy called out, and Kat quickly brought the boat back towind. ... That salute cost her a bit of control of thewheel, and she quickly grabbed at it justas Roy was jumping down tostand next to them. a€œIa#39;lltake over, a€anbsp;...

Title:You Had Me At Goodbye
Author:Jane Blackwood
Publisher:Zebra Books - 2006-09-01


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