You are what You Hear

You are what You Hear

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Pondering the musicality of everything from bird songs to the language he calls qmotherese, q Dr. Witchel illustrates the power of music and addresses the questions: Why do we have music? What does music do to our emotions? Can animals hear and understand music? What does music do to your brain? Why do people listen to sad music? Why do some people like classical but others only like heavy metal? Is there some essential feature to all music?You Are What You Hearis an erudite and entertaining study that is unique in many ways. No other book has thoroughly elaborated the connection between music and social territory in humans, although in other music-making species scientists have shown this connection to be clear-cut. Given the wealth of scientific evidence and historical narratives presented inYou Are What You Hear, an intellectual investigation of this avenue is long overdue. Written by a psychobiologist, the work straddles hard science and psychology, approaching music from a unique interdisciplinary perspective. Successfully bridging these strands of evidence, You Are What You Hearelucidates the significance of territory not only in music but in daily life. This lively and engaging book will have a broad appeal a€” not only to the general public, but to students interested in the relationship between music and culture. Anyone from seventeen to ninety-seven will have the potential to gain something from this book.Anyone from seventeen to ninety-seven will have the potential to gain something from this book.

Title:You are what You Hear
Author:Harry Witchel
Publisher:Algora Publishing - 2010


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