X-rays, electrons, and analytical chemistry

X-rays, electrons, and analytical chemistry

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Generation and properties of x-rays; The measurement of x-ray intensity, x-ray detectors, and detector systems energy resolution; Absorptiometry with x-rays; x-ray spectra; The selection of x-ray wavelengths; x-ray diffraction in chemical analysis; Measurement of film thickness simple trace determinations; Reliability of x-ray emission spectrography statistical considerations; X-ray emission spectrography; Equipment and selected applications.... control panel i Air hose Water hose 37 conductor cable 37 conductor cable 1 KVA line voltage stabilizer 5 KVA line voltage stabilizer Fig. 3.19-2. Schematic diagram of the gauge system for attended (not automated) operation of a rolling mill.

Title:X-rays, electrons, and analytical chemistry
Author:H. A. Liebhafsky
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1972


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