Writing Science

Writing Science

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Scientific and technological texts have not played a significant role in modern literary criticism. This collection, focusing mostly on medical and mathematical texts from ancient Greece, aims at approaching ancient Greek science from the cross-disciplinary perspective of authorship. Among the questions addressed are: How does scientific writing differ from a€˜literarya€™ writing? In what ways does the author present himself as an authoritative figure? In addition to offering a new approach to this vast area of ancient literature, this collection reflects on the forms of scientific and scholarly communication current today.vives through its symbiosis with the source text or, as the case may be, as its parasite. ... A commentary testifies to its author having patiently worked his or her way through an original text (and a body of secondary literature), and having appropriated that text, having made it ... and tries to survive, either symbiotically or as a parasite, itself.17 A modern parallel is the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, anbsp;...

Title:Writing Science
Author:Markus Asper
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2013-06-26


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