Writing God's Book of Life

Writing God's Book of Life

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qLogos 5 is the sixth of my ten-volume, Logos 1-7 work, each volume of which is able to stand alone as Goda€™s Book of Life. It took me over 3, 000 pages in ten volumes to say How and What is Important to Believe. It seeks to explain by experience who Jesus is, who God is, who the Holy Spirit is, what the Bible is, why it is crucial to life that we believe in them, what a€œbeliefa€ is, what a€œto be saveda€ is, just how Salvation is effected, what the a€œtake-awaya€ benefits are, and how to find meaning and purpose in life. a€œEach of these ten volumes is able to stand alone as Goda€™s Book of Life, portraying Life with the Holy Spirit by belief in the Christ of Jesus as Savior to eternal life with God. The ten volumes relate my Story of Writing God's Book of Life, using nonfiction essays and poetry with daily help of divine intervention in producing the seven-Logos Work of ten volumes, and the four supporting volumes, all seek to fully understand and explain this work inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Christ of Jesus. a€œThe action of God fulfilled for him in seven years all of Rodger Crafton's dreams of becoming a writer of poetry and prose, an armchair philosopher, and an artist working in his new, upstairs garage atelier.a€---R. Crafton GibbsThen I tried an electric one that speeded up my writing progress; however, manually correcting errors was time consuming and left pages in an unprofessional mess. ... This required me to completely reformat everything, so I plodded along, patiently resolved not to be defeated, until I ... Meanwhile, back at Options Link, my Dell stock price fell, which I planned to sell as needed to publish further volumes.

Title:Writing God's Book of Life
Author:R. Crafton Gibbs
Publisher:R. Crafton Gibbs - 2013-08-30


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