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This book captures the diversity and richness of writing as it relates to different forms of abilities, skills, competencies, and expertise. Psychologists, educators, researchers, and practitioners in neighboring areas are interested in exploring how writing develops and in what manner this development can be fostered, but they lack a handy, unified, and comprehensive source of information to satisfy their interest. The goal of this book is to fill this void by reflecting on the phenomenon of writing from a developmental perspective. It contains an integrated set of chapters devoted to issues of writing: how writing develops, how it is and should be taught and how writing paths of development differ across writing genres. Specifically, the book addresses typologies of writing; pathways of the development of writing skills; stages of the development of writing; individual differences in the acquisition of writing skills; writing ability and disability; teaching writing; and the development and demonstration of expertise in writing.In addition, some teachers provide scaffolds such as a€œsentence startersa€ to provide ideas for leads (e.g., a€œYoua#39;d be amazed to ... For example, it would be somewhat unusual to find rich description and elaboration techniques typically seen inanbsp;...

Author:Elena L. Grigorenko, Elisa Mambrino, David D. Preiss
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2012


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