Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition

Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition

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A survival guide for writers in the real-world, Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition has become a standard reference for technical writers and editors. Readable and practical, it addresses all aspects of manual development from choosing a format to writing effective warnings. Not limited to text elements, the manual also provides guidance for designing illustrations to complement the text and underscore the safety warnings. The completely revised and updated Third Edition includes: Až Current materials on desktop publishing Až Alternative media such as videos, CD-ROMs, and on-line help Až The impact of new technology such as CD-ROMs and digital cameras on manual design and production Až New regulations for products sold overseas Až Impact of the Internet on manual design Gone are the days when a manual might be a few pages of typewritten text. Thanks to the advances in computer technology, even tiny companies can produce slick, professional publications. Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition guides you through the messy, complex, frustrating, and fascinating business of producing manuals.OVERVIEW Service and maintenance manuals follow the same design principles as operator manuals, but the resulting documents are decidedly different, because they have a much more specialized audience and purpose. This chapteranbsp;...

Title:Writing and Designing Manuals, Third Edition
Author:Ryn Etter, Patricia A. Robinson
Publisher:CRC Press - 2010-12-12


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