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Silas McNaught, Lord Vampire of Coeur da€™Alene, Idaho is elated when he finds Akasha Hope, the woman his psychic visions revealed to him centuries ago. To his surprise, Akasha is infuriated when Silas interferes with her life. Furthermore, she is nothing like the sweet woman hea€™d envisioned. Not only is she a foul mouthed mechanic, she is also the accidental result of a military experiment with the strength of ten men a€b.and government agents are looking for her. Matters are further complicated when Silasa€™s vindictive ex lover spurs the Elders to investigate Silas in hopes to destroy Akasha and gain control of her friends, which are the key to an otherworldly prophecy. As government conspiracies and vampire politics collide, Silas teaches Akasha the meaning of trusta€band love.The a#39;Cuda needs a new clutch and ita#39;s badly in need of a tune up. Ita#39;s practically sacrilege for you to neglect such a beauty.a€ Silasa#39;s ... Ye cannot tell me ye were happy in that place. ... I will pay for your college if thata#39;s where youa#39;re wanting to go.

Author:Brooklyn Ann
Publisher:Broken Angels - 2014-02-14


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