World According to Twitter

World According to Twitter

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The wit and wisdom of the Twittersphere captured in a hilarious, occasionally poignant, and often useful collection of hand-picked tweets. New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half-million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought-provoking question every night. The questions ranged from the earnest (qWhat?s your greatest regret?q) to the creative (qMake up a concept for a doomed TV showq) to the curious (qWhat?s your great idea to improve the cell phone?q). Out of 25, 000 tweets, Pogue has gathered the very best 2, 524 into this irresistible, clever, laugh-out-loud funny book. The World According to Twitter is truly a grand social networking experiment, in which thousands of voices have come together to produce a unique and wonderful record of shared human experience. Some samples: Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don't want to open. To my former sexual partners, as required by law (@markowitz) RE: What seems to have been your car (@pumpkinshirt) From: Your Publisher. Subject: Ha, good one! Could you send the real chapter now, please? (@ Lookshelves) Make up a prequel to a famous movie. Mr. Smith MapQuests Washington (michaelbuckman) Snakes in the Terminal (@justinchambers) We?re Running Low on Mohicans (@rllewis) There Goes Private Ryan...I Hope He?ll Be OK (@slightly99) Describe your 15 minutes of fame. My stepfather was qThe agony of defeatq guy on ABC?s Wide World of Sports, before the ski jumper (he was the car spinning out at Daytona 500). (@BigDaddy978) I juggled for Clinton?s inauguration. 20 minutes of FBI pat-downs, and then I wound up throwing knives around the president anyway. (@McEuen) I?m on a Girl Scout cookie box (have been for 9 years, so it?s longer than 15 minutes)! (@libbyfish) Add 1 letter to a famous person?s name. Yo YoHey, MacBook keyboards can do it! a€”@flpatriot Keys out, lights out. No more dead batteries. a€”@leereamsnyde Paintball gun to mark offensive cars aamp; warn others. Color codeda€” red: ... Builtin message panels to tell that jerk EXACTLY how bad.

Title:World According to Twitter
Author:David Pogue
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-08-15


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