Work over welfare

Work over welfare

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Transforming Welfare tells the inside story of the legislation that ended q welfare as we know it.q As a key staffer on the House Ways and Means Committee, author Ron Haskins was one of the architects of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996. In this landmark book, he vividly portrays the political battles that produced the most dramatic overhaul of the welfare system since its creation as part of the New Deal. Haskins starts his story in the early 1990s, as a small group of Republicans lays the groundwork for welfare reform by developing innovative policies to encourage work and fight illegitimacy. These ideas, which included such controversial provisions as mandatory work requirements and time limits for welfare recipients, later became part of the Republicans' Contract with America and were ultimately passed into law. But their success was hardly foreordained. Haskins brings to life the often bitter House and Senate debates the Republican proposals provoked, as well as the backroom negotiations that kept welfare reform alive through two presidential vetoes. In the process, he illuminates both the personalities and the processes that were crucial to the ultimate passage of the 1996 bill. He also analyzes the changes it has wrought on the social and political landscape over the past decade. In Transforming Welfare, Haskins has provided the most authoritative account of welfare reform to date. Anyone with an interest in social welfare or politics in general will learn a great deal from this insightful and revealing book.Soon millions of white children would be raised in lawless neighborhoods dominated by female-headed families. ... illegitimate children by Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, William Bennett and Jack Kemp of Empower America, and ... to policymakers: aquot; We strongly urge the rejection of any proposal that would eliminate the safety net for poor children horn ... that Murray was a brilliant social scientist who dared to stand up to the left, and that furthermore he could take a punch.

Title:Work over welfare
Author:Ron Haskins
Publisher:Brookings Inst Pr - 2007-09-01


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