Wooden Os

Wooden Os

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Wooden Os is a study of the presence of trees and wood in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries a€“ in plays set within forests, in character dialogue, and in props and theatre constructions. Vin Nardizzi connects these themes to the dependence, and surprising ecological impact, of Londona€™s commercial theatre industry on Englanda€™s woodlands, the primary resource required to build all structures in early modern England. Wooden Os situates the theatre within an environmental history that witnessed a perceived scarcity of wood and timber that drove up prices, as well as statute law prohibiting the devastation of English woodlands and urgent calls for the remedying of a resource shortage that was feared would result in eco-political collapse. By considering works including Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, the revised Spanish Tragedy, and The Tempest, Nardizzi demonstrates how the a€œtreesa€ within them were used in imaginative ways to mediate Englanda€™s resource crisis.Shakespearea#39;s Theatres and Englanda#39;s Trees Vin Nardizzi ... Part Two 2.4.257) is , after all, a figure who is a€œconveyed out of [Forda#39;s] housea€ in a laundry basket and then chucked into the Thames in Merry Wives ... Although the recycling of the Theatrea#39;s timbers for use in the construction of the Globe could earn this institution a place in the halls of environmentalism, we should recall that the initial erection of the Theatre would have left a large imprint on English woodlands in just thoseanbsp;...

Title:Wooden Os
Author:Vin Nardizzi
Publisher:University of Toronto Press - 2013-03-14


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