Women's Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition

Women's Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition

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This volume explores how women in the fields of rhetoric and composition have succeeded, despite the challenges inherent in the circumstances of their work. Focusing on those women generally viewed as qsuccessfulq in rhetoric and composition, this volume relates their stories of successes (and failures) to serve as models for other women in the profession who aspire to qmake it, q too: to succeed as women academics in a sea of gender and disciplinary bias and to have a life, as well. Building on the gains made by several generations of rhetoric and composition scholars, this volume provides strategies for a newer generation of scholars entering the field and, in so doing, broadens the support base for women in the field by connecting them with a greater web of women in the profession. Offering frank discussion of professional and personal struggles as well as providing reference materials addressing these concerns, solid career advice, and inspirational narratives told by women who have qmade itq in the field of rhetoric and composition, this work highlights such common concerns as: dealing with sexism in the tenure and promotion process, maintaining a balance between career and family, struggling for scholarly and/or administrative respect, mentoring junior women, finding onea€™s voice in scholarship, and struggling to say qnoq to unrewarded service work The profiles of individual successful women describe each womana€™s methods for success, examine the price each has paid for that success, and pass along the advice each has to offer other women who are beginning a career in the field or attempting to jumpstart an existing career. With resources and general advice for women in the field of rhetoric and composition to guide them through their careersa€”as they become, survive, and thrive as professionals in the discipline a€“ this book is must-have reading for every woman making her career in the rhetoric and composition fields.She was also in a rock a#39;na#39; roll band during that time, and in 1980 she started the PhD program at UT Austin (UTSA didna#39;t have a PhD program). While Jarratt took courses in Austin the afternoon and evening, her daughter would be 75 milesanbsp;...

Title:Women's Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition
Author:Michelle Ballif, D. Diane Davis, Roxanne Mountford
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-03-17


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