Wok & Go

Wok & Go

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This book was created from my personal, daily journal, which was seven years in the making. It incorporates all the aspects of what it takes to lose excess weight and keep it off in a very healthy way. This book addresses (1) ways to reprogram your mind for success; (2) a detailed account of the kitchen equipment that will streamline the process; (3) a method that combines meal planning and grocery shopping with one piece of paper; (4) cooking techniques that will produce quick and delicious meals; (5) behavioral tips on how to maneuver through social situations so you can adhere to the eating strategy that will give you a slim and healthy body; (6) a discussion of sugar addiction and how to break it; and (7) why we now have an obesity epidemic and how to stop it. The contents are in alignment with the books qThe Blood Sugar Solutionq by Dr. Mark Hyman and qGrain Brainq by Dr. David Perlmutter. At age sixty-seven, I now have a slim, healthy, and energetic body with the mental acuity of someone in their forties. I reversed the onset of Type II diabetes, regained my mobility, and feel better than I have in decades. qWok a Goq is a step-by-step guide explaining how I did it.My all-time favorite is made by West Bend. It can count down which is the way I use it; however it also has the capacity to count up (like a stop watch). Electronic Timer, Cat. No. 40005X, Focus Electrics, LLC, West Bend, WI 53095 is available atanbsp;...

Title:Wok & Go
Author:Frances Wood-Parker
Publisher:Author House - 2014-09-24


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