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a€œ... In this read we are privileged to again see Tribal Cop Ely Stone in action as he is summoned by Amos, the true Spiritual leader of their tribe through the Spirit world they share. As the horror continues these men, with several others, from Detectives, to FBI agents, begin to join forces to fight an evil that few know how to defeata€b This story is laced with Native American mysticism, weaving into the story frightening centuries-old legends and bringing them to life. The locals are so vivid, the forest, the huts, the different places they stay and interact ina€b Things become more complicated as Ely becomes involved with a woman who touches his heart with emotions that do not need to come forth at this time, especially when her life is on the line. What a ride!a€ --- MidWest Book ReviewThe red Chevy Cobalt that I was wondering about before the dog was the only one that honked and swerved around me in an angry mannera€”maybe ... I lightly finger the medicine piwaka hanging from my neck, then glance at the cara#39;s radio.

Author:David Walks-As-Bear
Publisher:Start Publishing LLC - 2012-05-01


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