Winning in the Indian Market

Winning in the Indian Market

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Rama has done a great service by capturing her vast experience this book for the benefit of all-from CEOs to market and business development professionals... She has developed a very strong case for learning India on its own terms before investing. This book is a critical read for anyone considering building a large franchise for themselves in India. - C.K. Prahalad Thought provoking and topical, it will be of great value to a wide spectrum of people, most importantly to those global firms and their senior management who are looking for credible insights and data to create these winning strategies. It will also be of immense help to those management students and academic researchers who are interested in understanding the Indian consumer market. - N.R. Narayana Murthy Winning in the Indian Market: Understanding the Transformations of Consumer India is one of the most insightful books on how a multinational company can win in India by managing the diversity, complexity and affordability of Indian consumers. My congratulations to Rama Bijapurkar for writing a reader-friendly book with captivating case studies based on her highly successful consulting experiences - Jagdish N. Sheth Rama Bijapurkar is one of the very few global minds who doesn't paint emerging markets with a developed country brush. In this book, she uses her deep understanding of India to deliver a highly informative piece of work. Anyone looking to profit from eh boom in developing countries such as India would be well advised to first read this very thoughtful - Ruchir Sharma India is a qchaosq market with many layers of opportunity beyond the obvious. This book has the rare insight and courage to describe the Indian market as it truly is and will be in the future. It is essential reading for anyone who is serious about doing business in India. - Kishore BiyaniCoMPaRISon. of. SIze. and. PuRCHaSIng. PoweR. of. RuRaL. and. uRBan. ConSuMeR. IndIa. The National Sample ... credit cards were issued to farmers, which is almost double the 22 million credit and debit cards issued in urban India.

Title:Winning in the Indian Market
Author:Rama Bijapurkar
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008


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