Winners' Rules

Winners' Rules

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Our winnersa€™ rules project continues to grow. It has been an exciting year for the law firm and for this project. I still feel like we are in the learning stages of what will become a real resource for plaintiffsa€™ employment lawyers. We must be able to show judges similar cases where plaintiffs have survived summary judgment. Whether or not we can achieve this goal as practitioners will determine whether our clients will win or lose. I am extremely positive that our winnersa€™ rules project has allowed my firm and **** to identify sim ****, to advocate zealously and in the most effective way possible. This year also harkens the beginning of our blog, My goal is to use this blog to share our research real-time. As soon as a new case comes out in which the plaintiff prevails, we should be able to analyze the case and identify the facts that led to the successful decision. We are also hosting our first conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is my hope that this conference will become an annual resource for plaintiffsa€™ employment lawyers. There is no substitute for coming together and sharing ideas. We have designed our conference to be both informative and interactive. This book, like the first edition, is comprised of a listing of rules summarized primarily by area of law. By the time we publish the third edition, we will have enough rules to begin a deeper analysis. Obviously, the broader our cases, the easier it will be (Okay, wea€™re going to have to rewrite that.) With more cases, this project should move from our a€œbetaa€ stage into a resource organized more along the lines of fact patterns of discrimination or retaliation that we commonly see. I hope that this book proves a resource for your practice, and I hope that you will freely share suggestions, ideas, and criticisms for future editions with me.The a€œsame actor inference rulea€ need not apply in hostile work environment cases. a€œThe court declines to apply the a€œsame actor inferencea€ rule to Plaintiffa#39;s hostile work environment claims because [defendant employer] does not point to, andanbsp;...

Title:Winners' Rules
Author:Robert J. Wiley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-07-16


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