Wine Science

Wine Science

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The second edition of Wine Science: Principles, Practice, Perception updates the reader with current processes and methods of wine science, including an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various new grape cultivar clones, wine yeast strains, and malolactic bacteria. It also addresses current research in wine consumption as related to health. The many added beautiful color photographs, graphs, and charts help to make the sophisticated techniques described easily understandable. This book is an essential part of a any library. Key Features * Univerally appealing to non-technologists and technologists alike * Includes section on Wine and Health which covers the effects of wine consumption on cardiovascular diseases, headaches, and age-related macular degeneration * Covers sophisticated techniques in a clear, easily understood manner * Presents a balance between the objective science of wine chemistry and the subjective study of wine appreciation * Provides updated information involving advantages/disadvantages of various grape cultivar clones, wine yeast strains, and malolactic bacteria * Chapter on recent historical findings regarding the origin of wine and wine making processes... xxxx Very long x xx xx x a Rootstocks that have proved insufficiently resistant to phylloxera, and for this reason abandoned nearly everywhere (e.g., ... However, the use of mechanical ... One of the problems in choosing the right rootstock is predicting how the two components will interact. Interaction results from the mutual translocation of nutrients and growth regulators between the scion and rootstock.

Title:Wine Science
Author:Ronald S. Jackson
Publisher:Academic Press - 2000-05-03


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