Windward Passage: A Novel

Windward Passage: A Novel

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Winner of San Francisco Book Festival's Best Sci Fi Book! From the writer whose work has been called qtruly, hellishly grittyq (Los Angeles Times) comes a gnarled mystery with shades of Philip K. Dick and James Ellroy. Jim Nisbet is a cult favorite in Europe and it's easy to see why. He's qa lot more than just good . . . his style has overtones of Walker Percy's smooth southern satin, but his characters--losers, grifters, con men--hark back to the days of James M. Cain's twisted images of morality, q writes the Toronto Globe-Mail. In the tradition of Jim Thompson and Damon Runyon, Jim Nisbet is too good to miss and Windward Passage is a masterpiece that raises the bar even for a master like Nisbet. In the parallel near-future, a ship named for a jellyfish sinks into the Caribbean with its captain chained to the mast. Left behind is a logbook missing ten pages, presidential DNA hidden in a brick of smuggled cocaine, and a nearly- completed novel. Tipsy, the dead sailor's sister, and Red Means, his erstwhile employer, travel from San Francisco to the Caribbean and back as they attempt to unravel a mystery that rapidly widens from death at sea to international conspiracy. With verve and humor to match the Illuminati Trilogy, Nisbet has fashioned an engaging facsimile of our modern world, albeit with snappier dialogue, amped-up technology, and even more clearly stated political prejudices. qNeither Norman Mailer nor Truman Capote has in their writing been able to produce such an intensity as Nisbet has achieved, q writes Germany's Die Welt. Pick up Windward Passageand see why.The victim was a late model Ford Excursion. No alarm sounded. The distinctive sounds of road ... He slapped the top of the Excursion with the bike lock sufficient to dent it. a€œI got enough problems!a€ a€œYou cana#39;t smell that?a€ Protone lifted his instep anbsp;...

Title:Windward Passage: A Novel
Author:Jim Nisbet
Publisher:The Overlook Press - 2010-04-29


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