Wicked Tales

Wicked Tales

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Nine lively and hilarious short stories for ages 8-80. Modern fairy tales with a wicked sense of humour: Alicroc the Alien in charge of a class of four year olds; the Littlest Thundertroll's trip down to qhuman-landq to get a box of chocolates for the Thundertroll Fairy; a small Gorilla who outwits his hungry neighbours; the bears' backward version of Goldilocks; a Boy who runs away and is captured by Trolls; what happened between the greedy Princess, the Frog and the golden ball; an Irish Fairy and a dancing Horse have a run-in with a Witch; why Pink Pigs should never talk to Wolves; and Snow White meets the Seven Easter Bunnies, who are armed and dangerous...a#39;Yeah, a#39; said Easter Bunny 6, a#39;And wea#39;ll have to wait ages for a handsome prince to come and kiss her.a#39; They looked at one another unhappily. Then Easter Bunny 7 said, a#39;Or one of us could kiss her instead. You know, cut out the middle man.

Title:Wicked Tales
Author:Ed Wicke, Tom Warne, Liz Mcgregor
Publisher:BlacknBlue Press UK - 2006-01-01


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