Why Work Isn't Working Anymore

Why Work Isn't Working Anymore

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Less than half of all employees today are satisfied with their jobs. After years of meager raises and mass layoffs, employees do not believe employers care about them beyond their utility as qhuman resources.q Corporate America has done little to reverse the precipitous decline in employee morale. Most companies deny it exists in their own organizations. Others have tried to improve morale with fancy mission statements, renominating employees as qteam-members, q making qlessq look like qmore, q and balancing qworkq and qlife, q as if those were two different experiences. None of these solutions have been effective. In this fascinating, well-researched book, two experienced labor lawyers reveal why work isn't working anymore for most employees, how and why companies have failed to reverse the decline in employee satisfaction and workplace happiness by relegating the entire workplace experience to economics, and how managers and supervisors can make a positive difference by creating meaningful relationships with their employees using the authors' Credible Connections relationship-based management model.I had to know if life could be lived without a day-planner.aquot; He smiled. ... I wake up each day and decide what it is I want to do with that day a€” the next 24 hours. ... I get ten hours of sleep a day. eight at night, and a two-hour nap most afternoons.

Title:Why Work Isn't Working Anymore
Author:Jim Karger, Fritz Aldrine
Publisher:PageFree Publishing, Inc. - 2005


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