Why Size Matters

Why Size Matters

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qJohn Tyler offers a completely new perspective on the role of size in biology. In his hallmark friendly style, he explores the universal impact of being the right size. By examining stories ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Gulliver's Travels, he shows that humans have always been fascinated by things big and small. Why then does size always reside on the fringes of science and never on the center stage? Why do biologists and others ponder size only when studying something else - running speed, life span, or metabolism?q qWhy Size Matters, a book of big ideas in a compact size, gives size its due by presenting a overview of what we know about its role in the living world. Bonner argues that size really does matter - that it is the supreme and universal determinant of what any organism can be and do.q--BOOK JACKET.In fact, after reading Why Size Matters, you may conclude that this book is the one and only place where size does not matter.

Title:Why Size Matters
Author:John Tyler Bonner
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2006


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