Why I Supported the Emergency

Why I Supported the Emergency

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a€˜The Emergency has become a synonym for obscenity. Even men and women who were pillars of Emergency rule and misused their positions to harass innocent people against whom they had personal grudges try to distance themselves from their past in the hope that it will fade out of public memory forever. We must not allow them to get away with it, a€™ says Khuswant Singh, while fearlessly stating his own reasons for championing the Emergency. This bold and thought-provoking collection includes essays on Indira Gandhia€™s government, the Nanavati Commissiona€™s report on the 1984 riots and the riots themselves, as well as captivating pieces on the art of kissing and the importance of bathing. Alongside these are portraits of historical figures such as Bahadur Shah Zafar, General Dyer, Ghalib and Maharaja Ranjit Singh as well as candid profiles of the famous personalities he has known over the years, revealing intimate details about their lives and characters. From his reflections on Amrita Sher-Gila€™s alleged promiscuity to the experience of watching a pornographic film with a stoic R.K. Narayan, this is Khuswant Singh at his controversial and iconoclastic best. Selected and edited by Sheela Reddy, Why I Supported the Emergency: Essays and Profiles covers three quarters of a century. Straight from the heart, this is unadulterated Khuswant Singh.Essays and Profiles Khushwant Singh Sheela Reddy ... Even after India gained Independence and Indians took over as editors, they enjoyed considerable prestige in society. Names like Frank Moraes, Chalapathi Rau, Kasturi Ranga Iyengar, anbsp;...

Title:Why I Supported the Emergency
Author:Khushwant Singh
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2015-08-15


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