Why Am I Single?

Why Am I Single?

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WHY AM I SINGLE is written for unmarried people, and for those who are in marriage, but emotionally single. This book helps you to fi nd the source of your problem, ignite something in you, that will push you in to a solution. It also highlight reasons for singleness in many continents, namely Europe, America, Africa ETC. Do you know someone who is guilty of these issues discussed, if yes, give them, this book, they will be convicted to change. The Author discussed issues that many people dare not discuss, and this fear has brought about this epidemic of singleness.How do we honestly expect to keep a friend, get a husband, or wife if we are not sensitive to our hygiene needs? Bad breath is probably the most embarrassing and crippling problems responsible for ruining many marriages and work carrier. The odour from your mouth drives people away from you, and people around you may not be bold enough to tell you to your face about your mouth ... Therefore you can use toothpaste and brush to wash your mouth without swallowing anything.

Title:Why Am I Single?
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-12-03


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