Who Says I Can't

Who Says I Can't

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This book is about what effect suddenly becoming disabled and hearing you have zero chance of survival has on someonea€™s personality and how one can not only survive, but also fight back, recover, and thrive. This is not a qcancer book.q Those are written when the survival is new and fresh and the experience is raw. Instead, this book, written with more than a thirty-eight-year perspective, is about human perseverance, adaptability, and strength aimed not solely at those dealing with cancer or amputation but at everyone who at some point in their lives will inevitably have to deal with some sort of knock-down or major setback.This book falls into my a€œcouldna#39;t put it downa€ category and I have gifted it to at least 6 friends who have all thoroughly ... You cannot, for example, just use quotation symbols like a€œ. ... In the end I got it to look good on the Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Title:Who Says I Can't
Author:Jothy Rosenberg
Publisher:Publish on Demand Global - 2012-01-01


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