White Man, Black Man, Chinese Man

White Man, Black Man, Chinese Man

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When Petey Winthorp, Ashe Blackwell, and Sokko Chung enter the United Friends Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Washington, D.C., they cause a small stir. This trio of forty-five-year-old, lifelong friends is not only recuperating together after a car accident, but one is white, one is black, and one is Chinese. During their rehabilitation, the men entertain the staff with their stories of growing up together as best friendsa€”playing schoolyard games, competing in sports, chasing girls, getting in trouble, attending prom, graduating, and obtaining their first cars and houses. But more importantly, they share how their friendship endured while facing discrimination, racism, and stereotyping fueled by their unique relationship. White Man, Black Man, Chinese Man chronicles the unique and inspiring relationship of Winthorp, Blackwell, and Chung. It provides a glimpse into real-life situations of race, morals, and multiculturalism, and it reveals true insights about the power of racism and the human ability to overcome it.a€œI bought a Honda Accord after graduation with my signing on bonus from Sony. I had it souped up with chrome. It was black, and I made it up for speed racing. I started cheap by purchasing some clear taillight lenses.a€ Mr. Chung required only anbsp;...

Title:White Man, Black Man, Chinese Man
Author:J. Scott Henderson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-07-07


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