Whisper Power

Whisper Power

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After a girl receives several messages from a spaceship, a poem rapidly flows from within her. As she shares the words with a friend, she feels drawn to help the message sender, who seems overwhelmed with negative thoughts. But the young girl is not the only one receiving pessimistic messagesa€”the sender is using the press as his instrument with the goal of destroying everyone. In WHISPERPOWER, Myron Peterson describes an eclectic group of characters as he traces an imaginary trail strewn with stories and poems that each carries an important message about values, happiness, and the power of positive thinking. As an alien force attempts to use telepathy to gain control, the residents of the Garden of Eden suddenly realize what they have been searching for all along is right in front of them. In another tale, scientific researcher John Sperus lives a sensible, dull existence where he attempts to constantly cover his inner struggles. But after he meets a little girl with special powers, everything changes. WHISPERPOWER is a collection of stories and lyrical verse that will encourage you to think about how you view life, the world around you, and the future.Four soldiers walked over to the medic and soon Eric was being lifted onto a litter . It was a jarring ride with the men stumbling through the brush as they picked their way across the rough mountain terrain in the black of night. Each jerk of the anbsp;...

Title:Whisper Power
Author:Myron C. Peterson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-02-24


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