Where Is Home?

Where Is Home?

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A young girl has an accident leaving her with multiple head injuries. She collapses and goes unconscious. She is found lying by the roadside by a young man. He takes her to the hospital. Over time they become friends then lovers then married. She does not know who she is. So, the Man and her develop a name for her, get a Social Security card, drivera€™s license and a job. She gets an apartment. They go through many of lifea€™s problems together. They eventually by a home and settle down. The girl learns her true identity and is really surprised to learn who she really is and where she came from.How about getting us the Blackberry 8330?a€ a€œAlright. Do you want the earpiece ... has had his 8330 for two years now.a€ Cheryl turns to Conrad a€œConrad that will be a total of $179.00 with a chance at $100.00 rebate if instructions are followed.

Title:Where Is Home?
Author:Marvin T Cook
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-03-02


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