When the Green Woods Laugh

When the Green Woods Laugh

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a€˜There!a€™ Pop said. a€˜Therea€™s the house. Therea€™s Gore Court for you. What about that, eh? Howa€™s that strike you? Better than St Paula€™s, aina€™t it, better than St Paula€™s?a€™ And so Pop Larkin a€“ junk-dealer, family man and Dragona€™s Blood connoisseur a€“ manages to sell the nearby crumbling, tumbling country home to city dwellers Mr and Mrs Jerebohm for a pretty bundle of notes. Now he can build his daughter Mariette the pool shea€™s long been nagging him for. But the Larkina€™s new neighbours arena€™t quite so accepting of country ways a€“ especially Popa€™s little eccentricities. In fact, ita€™s not long before a wobbly boat, a misplaced pair of hands and Mrs Jerebohma€™s behind have Pop up before a magistrate ...a€˜There!a€™ Pop said. a€˜Therea€™s the house.

Title:When the Green Woods Laugh
Author:H.E. Bates
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2006-11-30


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