When Seas Die

When Seas Die

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Beyond the Last Day is the second action-packed installment in the When Seas Die Trilogy. Lowell Martin, his older brother Barret, Columbia University biologist Mack Fairley and several others, rescued from biological holocaust must now survive in a savage, barren world as they leave New York in a specialized NASA plane enroute to Point Barrow, Alaska. Along the way they chase rescue beacons, run low on fuel in snow-blown Canada, meet and fight grisly, attacking mutant defenders at an abandoned NORAD base; and finally get blown from the sky and crash in the southern Yukon. Here they finally meet more survivors of the bio/nuclear attack. The only problem is-can they make it out from this mile-high valley which imprisons them? Before their food and supplies run out? Was the discovery of these quirky survivors really worth losing their ship to try and save them? Deeper still, even if they do beat the odds and leave, where will they go? Intriguing questions indeed. Find the incredible answers . The journey continues.Scoop operated the hoist, as Greg and I hurriedly put the ATV together on the hot, sweltering dusty surface. First we ... Scoop bolted the instrument cluster into place, the complete wiring harness engaged to the frame electrical connector runs.

Title:When Seas Die
Author:Anthony Williams
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-09-01


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