When Kids Could Play Outside

When Kids Could Play Outside

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When Tom a forty three year old man goes on a quiet bicycle ride in the Cotswold the last thing he expects, is that his life will soon change forever. Tom crashes a as he lies dying in a damp cold forest he takes his final breath but instead of passing over to the other side, he gets re-born in the mid to late 70's as a seven year old boy in a mining village where he grew up getting a second chance to re-live his life all over again. The stories come fast a furious in this true a somewhat controversial account of growing up in the 70's, it's a time with very little rules or restriction a playing outside was an education in its own right, a test of true character a survival. Nothing is off limits as Tom re-lives an era full of danger, competitiveness, pranks, freedom a fun something that the modern generation of children have been deprived of. When kids qcouldq play outside will transport you back to 70's when computer games a the internet were still in their infancy a children's idea of fun was a simple outdoor active. This is a must read for anyone who was lucky enough to have grown up the 70's a had to discover who they were the hard way.I believe that Justin was one of the most talented boys I had the pleasure of meeting, and I made it my priority to help him achieve his potential. He just ... The strange thing is that I found song writing quite easy. I could be ... I would then quickly write down the lyrics or simply sing the song straight onto an old tape recorder.

Title:When Kids Could Play Outside
Author:Tom Evans
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-10


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