When I'm With You Part II

When I'm With You Part II

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New York Times bestselling author Beth Kerya€™s blistering new novel of a man and woman bound by the scandalous secrets of the pasta€”and by the sexual hunger that still fuels their uncontrollable desiresa€b When Ia€™m With You, Part II When You Defy Me Elisea€™s teasing and impulsiveness have landed her back at the erotic mercy of Lucien, who is determined to teach her disciplinea€”even if all he wants to do is to give in to the beast within and consume her completely. When he discovers her in a dangerous situation that could have been avoided, he punishes hera€”and once again tests the limits of his own control. By dominating her, he hopes to teach her the meaning of self-control through total submission. But even though he sets strict rules on himself, he still isna€™t entirely prepared for feeling Elise shudder in surrender in his arms. Lucien challenges her, excites hera€bbewilders her to the point of distraction. Does he want her, or doesna€™t he? Elise is afraid to reveal to him just how vulnerablea€”just how naAmve she is when it comes to sexual games. None of her typical wiles work on him. And what brought Lucien to Chicago with a new name and new identity? What does it have to do with his industrialist fathera€™s disgraceful downfall? Who is Ian Noble, the provocative new stranger in Luciena€™s shadow? And why has Lucien taken to following him in the night? For Elise the answers will come soon enough. She has other things to worry about now, such as Luciena€™s observance of her foolish behaviora€band the inevitable consequence to come. Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kerya€™s Wicked Burn More to come. Don't miss When Ia€™m With You, Part III, available 3/19When You Defy Me Beth Kery ... Kery WICKED BURN DARING TIME Berkley Heat titles by Beth Kery SWEET RESTRAINT PARADISE RULES RELEASE EXPLOSIVE One Night of Passion series ADDICTED TO YOU (WRITING AS BETHANYanbsp;...

Title:When I'm With You Part II
Author:Beth Kery
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-03-12


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