What's Wrong with Me?

What's Wrong with Me?

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You know that dating can be fun and enlightening and it's an important part of a complete, well-rounded life. But the search for love can also be a difficult and painful experience, fraught with hidden perils; emotional, psychological and physical. You've tried everything to avoid these unhappy situations, but that's left you isolated and alone. Until now. In this fast, fun read, renowned relationship expert Adam Gilad demystifies the rituals of dating to expose the most common mistakes women make in choosing and pursuing a man. qWhat's Wrong With Me?q explains how and why dating has become so emotionally dangerous, especially in these fast-paced and ever-changing times. Common mistakes like denial, dating the same (and wrong) types of men, self-sabotage and many more are made easier to understand and to avoid. In this handy volume, you'll learn: - How to identify and avoid the types of men you should NOT be dating. - Catch up on ever-changing social trends, including online dating. - Learn to screen you potential dates. - Learn to love and accept yourself more freely. If you've ever asked the question, qWhat's Wrong With Me?q you've now found the answer; it's nothing that this book, and your own determination, can't remedy quickly and easily. You've taken the first step, now continue your journey down the road to fulfillment and happiness.- Learn to love and accept yourself more freely. If youa#39;ve ever asked the question, aquot;Whata#39;s Wrong With Me?aquot; youa#39;ve now found the answer; ita#39;s nothing that this book, and your own determination, cana#39;t remedy quickly and easily.

Title:What's Wrong with Me?
Author:Adam Gilad
Publisher:Velocity House LLC - 2013-02


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