What’s Next, Papa?

What’s Next, Papa?

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At first glance, this is the story of a middle-class family living in a small town in middle America. Author S. R. Roixa€™s children were growing up well, his wife had a secure job that she enjoyed, and he worked in a trade at which he excelled. Life was good; they had no complaintsa€”until the day it all began to unravel. When his beloved wife, the mother of their four children, was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma at the age of thirty-eight, everything changed. Sixteen months later, she lost her battle. Even in heartbreak and grief, Roix learned to have complete trust in the one who loves him the mosta€”his a€œPapaa€ God. Out of the ruins of his life grew an unquenchable thirst to know who God was, and, in the process, Roix also came to learn who he was. What he learned on his journey is that hope triumphs over every obstacle. He learned that in faith, there is no amount of suffering that cannot be overcome by the amazing love God is willing to pour out. This is their story, and it can also be yours. Whatever challenges you facea€”grief, rejection, fear, financial ruin, abuse, and morea€”there is hope. His deep wish for you is to experience how close your a€œPapaa€ is, even in the darkest night. There is life after heartache. There is a reason to live. There is always hope.By late afternoon, I was the new owner of a Ford F350. I remember making the drive to where I would ... problems that should be taken care of right away. One was that it needed a brake job. As we signed the necessary documents, he filled meanbsp;...

Title:What’s Next, Papa?
Author:S. R. Roix
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-10-18


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