What's Next

What's Next

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The story takes place a thousand years into the future. There is no more war because we are all living under a single world government, and we all vote on every issue of importance to us, educated by government emails and our internet access otherwise, but we have to pass a test showing that we understand the background and major considerations behind any issue we wish to vote on, otherwise we won't be able to vote on that issue. Politicians must do whatever the consensus vote subscribes, so we are truly represented as a people. However, there are still some issues where society has favored conservative protection, particularly of children, and despite social science observations that overly harsh consequences don't necessarily deter offenses of this nature, very harsh consequences are still prevalent, and they are more far reaching now because we have synthetic people (Androids) made of synthetic bone, muscle tissue and skin, and their computer brains are psychically linked to their owner, usually of the opposie sex; and of course our children can also become connected as well. This is a story of a family who's lives are changed by this new technology, yet they all mature and become educated over time, and some surprising things happen when you combine intelligence with technology!Android sales had been fairly robust for the store historically, but now that the whole country was well aware of the quite newsworthy ... These included hiring and managing of retail staff, store inventory, special orders, android repair parts andanbsp;...

Title:What's Next
Author:Geoffrey Keane
Publisher:Author House - 2012-09-24


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