What is Global Marketing for Indie Authors?

What is Global Marketing for Indie Authors?

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Do you want to know the secret to selling more of your self-published books? Would you like to increase the number of retailers selling your books (and your potential earnings) by 200%, 300% or more? Do you know why Amazon's KDP Select program is keeping you from achieving true global distribution of your eBooks? Would you like to know why over 50% of self-published Indie Authors made less than $500 in 2011 while the qTop Earnersq of the self-publishing world are making tens of thousands; even millions of dollars per year? Global Marketing expert John Weisenberger wanted to know the answers to these questions too, so he researched, experimented, and researched some more until he discovered what it really takes to successfully market and sell a self-published book. What he found may truly shock you. It may shock you to learn how easily Amazon is duping authors into granting them the exclusive right to distribute their eBooks and no one seems to mind. And speaking of eBooks, it may also shock you to discover just how simple it can be to qgo globalq with the marketing and sales of your eBooks now that the old world of the big publishing houses is being replaced by a new world of digital content and eReaders. You see the simple solution to selling more self-published books is to make them more visible and qdiscoverableq around the world which can be accomplished using a global marketing framework called the ezGlobalPublishinga¬Ąc Roadmap which consists of seven simple steps that will deliver new readers and increased global sales of your books. It doesn't matter if you're writing fictional mysteries, suspense/thrillers, or romance novels, or if you're writing non-fiction business books or how-to guides, the ezGlobalPublishing Roadmap will put your book in more retail outlets and in front of more potential buyers in as little as 90 days using today's global eBook distribution channels.Whata#39; s even more impressive is the fact that Fifty Shades of Grey began as a self -published book which James first released as an eBook and Print-on-Demand paperback in May 2011 using The Writersa#39; Coffee Shop, an Australian virtualanbsp;...

Title:What is Global Marketing for Indie Authors?
Author:John Weisenberger
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-05-27


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