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Are werewolves real? When the moon is full, do ordinary people under a supernatural curse transform into snarling creatures charging out of the fog, only to revert to human form? Throughout history, people have claimed to have seen weird beings that are part human and part wolf, dog, fox, or even cat. Modern-day eyewitnesses across the United States report strange encounters with dogmen and wolf-like creatures. And while theories abound to explain the stories, the only certain thing is that popular interest in the mystery of werewolves remains strong. Werewolves examines the lore and legends of lycanthropy throughout history and from around the world, describing the many types of werewolves and case studies, and offering readers information they need to conduct their own field investigation.Chapters include: The Mystery of Werewolf History; Will the Real Werewolf Please Stand Up? Did You See What I Saw? Hoax and Illusion; Celebrity Were-Mania - Howling with the Stars; and, Your Field Guide to Werewolves.Werewolfa€”Wikipedia, the Free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Werewolf An overview of the werewolf ... It includes a segment on a€œWerewolf Stories for Children, a€ noting titles, from R.L. Stinea#39;s Goosebumps series to Gordon Snella#39;sanbsp;...

Author:Linda S. Godfrey
Publisher:Infobase Publishing - 2009-01-01


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