Web applications

Web applications

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This unique text explores the core concepts central to the development of three-tier, client-server Web applications. A comprehensive introduction to the Internet and Web applications is followed by a brief refresher on HTML and CSS and an introduction to client-side programming using JavaScript and browser objects. The heart of the book features a thorough exploration of concepts such as dynamically generated Web pages, session state, cookies, database support, and search capabilities. The concepts are implemented using Perl and MySQL. Detailed coverage of ASP and PHP is included. As a capstone, a firm foundation in XML is provided through in-depth coverage of XML basics, the DOM, and XSLT. Illustrates how to create three-tier Web applications through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies Highlights important security issues throughout Uses Perl/CGI as the primary development environment Includes lessons on PHP and ASP as alternative development environments Introduces the XML language and how to use XML as a tool for building Web applicationsThe program processes the usera#39;s choices and returns a Web page summarizing the pizza order. As an aid for the discussion that is to follow, the figure also shows the essential code for the dynamically generated HTML form. v_ V _ .

Title:Web applications
Author:Craig D. Knuckles, David S. Yuen
Publisher:Wiley - 2005


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