Wealth by Stealth

Wealth by Stealth

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How is it that corporations are able to behave irresponsibly, criminally, and undemocratically? Wealth by Stealth is a scathing introduction to the operations of the modern corporation, written by a corporate lawyer. Many writers point to the growth of undemocratic corporate power. Glasbeek takes these observations further and outlines clearly how corporations become so powerful. He also shows how they are able to act without regard to the behaviour and laws governing citizens and other groups. Glasbeek is known by generations of students for his brilliant, funny lectures at Osgoode Hall Law School. With Wealth by Stealth his informative critique of corporate behaviour becomes available and accessible to all.... the public by the Commercial Bankand NorthlandBank in Alberta (Canada, Report of theInquiry intothe Collapse of the CCB and Northland Bank, ... a€œoura€ corporations also use their ability to act across borders: see the film Song of the Canary; also Braithwaite, Corporate Crime in ... Ford MotorCo.a€ p.139, It had been the kind of decision made regularly by all companies: The Congressional Record (Cong.

Title:Wealth by Stealth
Author:Harry Glasbeek
Publisher:Between the Lines - 2002-10-01


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