Water, Water, Everywhere

Water, Water, Everywhere

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Unidentified flying objects? Aliens? Do they really exist? For Jerry, he didna€™t really think much about that kind of stuff. But when he and his family moved to Jenkins, that will be a whole new reality he wished he coulda€™ve prepared for. Jerry, a fifteen-year-old boy and his family moved to a small and quiet town in the Midwest, Jenkins. Nothing was so special about this place. It is located on the edge of a major area of wheat and corn production so the people tend to be quiet and hard working. The town has one gas station, a small restaurant, hardware store, and a dollar store. Nothing exciting happens in this town, really, except for the eventful occurrences that will lead Jerry to stand up for his family. Water, Water, Everywhere is a story about family, friendship, sacrifice, and bravery. Filled with exciting adventures packed with good and evil aliens, an invisible cloak, and a courageous tenth grader, this book will leave you wanting more. Read on and join Jerry and his talking donkey, Don, in their cosmic journey in saving his family and the entire humanity against the forces of evil alien inhabitants.Mr. Slims Electronics Sales and Repair was one of the last of its kindin an age of throwaway electronics. Entering the ... enough money with him to purchase an oscillator tube for a ham radio power amp he was repairing for his grandfather.

Title:Water, Water, Everywhere
Author:Thomas Kiser
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2014-11-19


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