Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems 7

Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems 7

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The success of the six international conferences on Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems, held in Bournemouth since 1977, has shown the worldwide interest in obtaining a scientific understanding of the water chemistry that determines the operational behaviour of nuclear power stations. Continuing this objective, these proceedings of the seventh conference address the chemical factors important to the operation of water power reactors with minimum corrosion, operator radiation dose and effluent discharges.Its production rate is approximately proportional to the reactor power level and cannot be changed by the chemistry ... The first study of N-16 behavior in experimental boiling water reactor (EBWR) was reported by Mittl and Thegs[l] in 1 96 1, and ... Production and transport Behavior of N-16 A schematic diagram for the nitrogen activity transport in the BWR primary ... 9 when the H, addition continued to increase beyond 2 ppm, a second stage of N-16 increase in the steam phase wasanbsp;...

Title:Water Chemistry of Nuclear Reactor Systems 7
Publisher:Thomas Telford - 1996-01-01


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