Watch Repair 101

Watch Repair 101

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DRM Free! This really is qWatch Repair 101q! Programs on watch repair were commonly offered in community colleges across the nation. Since the 1970's they have slowly declined to the point that now there are less than 5 left in the United States. While the college courses have disappeared, their teaching materials live on in this document. This particular course contained in qWatch Repair 101q actually has the class Watch Repair 101 in it, a freshman level course offered at a community college. The classes consisted of self-instructional packages, handouts, lectures, and of course text books such as Henry Fried's The Watch Repairer's Manual. The subjects covered are comprehensive and touch on every aspect of mechanical watch repair. Watch Repair 101 is a 180 page publication that is the compilation of self-instructional packets, handouts, and notes the instructors used while teaching the course. It was taught in the 1970's and, the material, techniques, and equipment discussed are modern. Because the teachers were actual watchmakers, working on watches for a living, the education provided was grounded in good repair practices. The class material is more practical rather than theoretical. Just one example of this practical information being passed down from watchmaker to student are the checklists. These are unique and extremely helpful to newcomers. You could think of them as pilot's checklists. I don't recall ever seeing a detailed list of 81 actions a things to check when cleaning a watch. These instructors gave students detailed, practical, hands-on knowledge, and demonstrated application of newly discussed topics. There are other clever and unique methods of teaching this knowledge to you waiting for you in Watch Repair 101. So, sign up for the class and learn how to repair watches!Package !, The Watch Escapementaquot; that has been provided for your use in studying the watch escapement. More detailed information can be obtained from the referenced publications noted in Par* 3 of the Self-Instructional Package.

Title:Watch Repair 101
Author:Mike Barnett
Publisher:Second Hand Press - 2012-12-03


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