Wallow in the Trough

Wallow in the Trough

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Zook Madoo arrived back in the United States once again, after many years in Nigeria, toiling in the underbelly of government security services. His presence this time however, was as a professional bodyguard. His title, Chief of security details for the Nigerian, UN representative - Alhaji Suni Matami. But his real qcovertq assignment from the Minister for External Affairs - Mallam Adamu Ceroko - was to investigate and eradicate an Illegal Oil-Bunkering consortium - Asamaki Enterprises - whose major subsidiary office happened to be on 5th Avenue, New York City the so-called Fashion alley . Barely weeks into his investigations, trails led him and his assistant - Dorne Imbroglio, a former classmate at Columbia and an Ex-New Jersey Homicide Detective - to the world-famous Watergate Apartment complex in Annapolis, a suburb of the Washington D.C. Capitol. While Zook waited as back-up in the street, Dorne shadowed their quarry - Slim Piccolo - into the complex, talking her way into an apartment where Slim supposedly resided. Dorne broke in, only to find a very dead body The body turned out to be that of Dexter Cameron the current CIA Director ..Zook knew they were in a heap of trouble . Aside from Zook's unorthodox investigative methods, his inner demons threatened to derail his efforts while gallivanting across the United States and South America for clues qHow will it all end?q he asked Dorne, before she hung up her cell phone after discovering the dead body ..a€œGood evening, Mr. Toledo, a€ Zook began. a€œI am truly sorry ... Zook rose from his seat and dragged his chair over to Garcia, to the chagrin of all present. ... Toledo. Minutes later, as the wires were connected to Garciaa#39;s legs Ahayomi A/einode 183.

Title:Wallow in the Trough
Author:Yomi Akinode
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-06-01


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