Visual Basic .NET Code Security Handbook

Visual Basic .NET Code Security Handbook

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This title is for VB .NET programmers who want to write secure code - which should be all of them. .NET provides a powerful framework in which to write secure code but unless you understand how attackers think and how the .NET security systems works your code will still be vulnerable. .NET helps reduce the likely hood of common vulnerabilities such as buffer overruns and provides an extremely powerful code access security system - when it is used properly. Writing secure .NET code requires three things: an understanding of the .NET code security system, attention to detail, and the ability to think from the point of view of an attacker. Many security vulnerabilities in fact have little to do with the security system but rather are a result of treating hostile input as non-hostile. This book is a practical reference of the .NET security framework, and demonstrates best practices that will go a long way towards making your code secure in the face of attacks. It also provides plenty of examples of common mistakes enabling you to spot them in your own (and others) code.... callersaquot; attribute if (a) you have performed a thorough security review and believe there are no aquot;luring attackaquot; vulnerabilities, and (b) you support scenarios ... Ensure that every way to call a link-demand-protected method 229 The Big Checklist.

Title:Visual Basic .NET Code Security Handbook
Author:Eric Lippert
Publisher:Apress - 2002


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