Violin For Dummies

Violin For Dummies

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The beginner's guide to learning the violin a€” for any musical style Violin For Dummies helps you teach yourself to play the violin, even if you've never read a note of music. From choosing the right violin for you to playing a variety of musical styles, this book has you covered. You'll start with the basics of posture and bowing technique, learn how to tune your instrument and keep it in beautiful condition with regular maintenance. You'll learn how to read a€” and feel a€” the music, and how to inject your own personality into whatever you play. Before you know it, you'll be playing classical, jazz, country, and more, as you become a bona fide violin player. The included audio and video instruction encourages you to play along as you learn, and allow you to hear, see, and imitate proper technique. The violin's small size, portability, and mimicry of the human voice have made it popular across cultures and throughout time. This book shows you how to teach yourself the basics so you can start playing quickly. Start with the basics of proper hold and bowing technique Learn how to properly tune and care for your violin Understand the nuances of rhythm and musical notation Play classical, jazz, and other popular styles of music The violin has a reputation of being difficult to learn, but the reality is that it's difficult to master. Anyone can learn, and practice over time will refine your technique and your musical style. You'll have fun, make music, and maybe even fall in love with this instrument that has inspired some of the world's best musicians and composers. Get started today, the easy way, with Violin For Dummies.If you raise your right hand (and the frog of the bow), the bow rolls over the strings , and the tip of the bow lowers accordingly. Your arma#39;s level naturally floats up a little as you roll your bow over to the A string, and again for the D and G strings ( and, of course, it floats down a little as you return past the D ... Rolling on, we get to D. Last on the left is good ola#39; G. (There are many better poets than poor little me !)anbsp;...

Title:Violin For Dummies
Author:Katharine Rapoport
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-03-12


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