Verilog® Quickstart

Verilog® Quickstart

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Welcome to the world of Verilog! Once you read this book, you will join the ranks of the many successful engineers who use Verilog. I have been using Verilog since 1986 and teaching Verilog since 1987. I have seen many different Verilog courses and many approaches to learning Verilog. This book generally follows the outline of the Verilog class that I teach at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Extension. This book does not take a qcookie-cutterq approach to learning Verilog, nor is it a completely theoretical book. Instead, what we will do is go through some of the formal Verilog syntax and definitions, and then show practical uses. Once we cover most of the constructs of the language, we will look at how style affects the constructs you choose while modeling your design. This is not a complete and exhaustive reference on Verilog. If you want a Verilog reference, I suggest one of the Open Verilog International (OVI) reference manuals.The code to apply tests often becomes repetitious. ... All the code for the 8-bit adders requires only 33 lines of Verilog. ... test bench for the alu model in chapter 6, which is compact and uses an external data file, may need even more code thananbsp;...

Title:Verilog® Quickstart
Author:James M. Lee
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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