Vengeance Follows

Vengeance Follows

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A young man loses the true love of his life and seeks vengeance from the man he holds responsible for his wifea€™s death. Told with elegant simplicity, this novel of literary suspense is a tragic story of love and loss that ultimately reveals the cruelty of human nature and the healing power of forgiveness. Sam and Sophiea€™s idyllic life of Parisian cafAcs, fine wine, and romantic passion is torn apart when Sophie is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. Then Sophie reveals something that happened years before they meta€”a horrific event that changed her life and left her wounded in ways no one knew. Shea€™s found peace in the years since, she swears to Sam. But then shea€™s gone, and Sam finds only pain. Bereft and alone, he leaves the City of Light and seeks solace in a small French village where no one knows him or his past. Troubled in heart and mind, he knows one man is responsible for Sophiea€™s death. Sam cannot live without confronting him and holding him accountable for his past crimes. And so Sam travels to America, to a charming little Ohio town where lights twinkle on the snow in winter and fairs shimmer in the summer heat. Here, Sam will seek his revengea€”and find retribution for his lost love in a way he could never imagine . . .He held a manual Royal typewriter. Underneath was a box. a€œFor you.a€ a€œI dona#39; tunderstand.a€ Sam opened the door all the way, nodded, andsaid, a€œPlease.Enter.a€ a€œA belated welcome-to-town present. I cleaned it, replacedthe rollers, put a newanbsp;...

Title:Vengeance Follows
Author:Scott Lax
Publisher:Gray & Company, Publishers - 2013-12-16


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